Monday, March 2, 2009

Soul Purpose March 2009 Newsletter

 							Remember when TLC stood for tender loving care? 							A new day requires a new definition, so let me introduce 							you to the new TLC - TRU Liquid Chocolate.  Imagine 							a rich, velvety blend of chocolate and exotic fruits 							that will tease and tantalize your taste buds while 							boosting your energy, mood, and libido.  You will 							enjoy the chocolate-cherry taste so much that you 							might actually forget it is a liquid food supplement.  							With no added sweeteners or sugars and only 19 							calories per serving, TLC is setting the new gold 							standard for antioxidant support among super juices. Order yours today.
Tamikia Alford Tamikia Alford
Soul Purpose product catalog
 			International taste on a domestic budget.  We are blessed to live in a world filled with a variety of flowers, fruits, spices, herbs and resins to delight our senses.  The Soul Purpose product line allows you to bring international fragrances into your home without having to spend a fortune.  			Both men and women have 			historically used perfumed oils 			for fragrance, medicinal and religious purposes. 			Our unique fragrances are poured into traditional 			solid perfume bases and then assembled into uniquely 			themed boxed sets. Our solid perfume essences can be worn separately or layered 			together for a customized blend that promises to be divinely fabulous.  Our solid perfume essence 			 containers are not only cute but they are the perfect way to take your signature scent with you.  They are travel friendly, airplane-approved and very convenient to throw in a purse or brief case.  			Order your favorites today and get a taste of far away places without having to leave your neighborhood.
Gift boxed set $90. $10 each.  brazilian jackfruit, hawaiian tuberose, zanzibar girls' club, australian sandlewood, caribean ginger, thai water lily, tuscan blood orange, hollywood fresh, haitian vetivert pepper.
Bpring Cleaning for Your Body.  Spring is just around the corner.  Soon the plants will be budding and we'll be ready to start spring cleaning.  Just as our house needs a thorough cleaning when the seasons change, so do our bodies.  Our Soul Purpose Journey of the Senses Body Polish is a gentle yet moisturizing scrub treatment for the body that revitalizes your skin and your attitude.  Pure cane sugar blended with the world's finest oils and wild crafted shea butter result in an entirely natural and stimulating exfoliant.  In addition, the restoratative antibacterial properties of sugar will bring you one of the sweetest bath experiences around.  Sugar-Shea Scrubs 6.4 oz. $22

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