Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Other Passions...

Hi everyone! So I decided to make this post because a friend of mine suggested that I keep a portfolio of different things that I do. As you may not know, running a business is not the only passion that I have in my life. As a young girl, I became interested in cosmetology. Over the years I have taught myself quite well on my own head. Every now and then I get to practice, hence this post. Last night, this friend that I mentioned earlier asked me if I knew how to braid and I told her yes. She mentioned how she wanted to wash her hair and have it braided up. Living in Atlanta, GA, she decided to go "natural" (no relaxer) with her hair. Having recently moved back to Orlando, FL (and our humidity) and no longer having a natural hair guru-type hairdresser, she decided that braids were the way to go. now I haven't braided hair in ages, but it's like riding a bike, so she came by the house after work and I washed and braided here hair. If I must say so myself, they came out beautifully. Below are the results, enjoy!

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  1. Thank you again Meek! You've saved me so much time, frustration, and even sweat (no wet hair in my face). Love you girl! America I think I've found my Orl least until I need a trim :-)