Friday, September 21, 2012

Warm Spirit Falls As Soul Purpose Rises!

There has been great response every time I post something about Warm Spirit and mainly, folks are wanting Warm Spirit to come back.  I agree, the products were great and I miss them too.  However,  as I stated in my last post about Warm Spirit, I was leery of the fact that the company seemed to be on it's way back.  Well, today just proved my instincts to be true because now when you go to the main website, you get an error.  So...

 since it looks like the final nail is in Warm Spirit's coffin,

I figured I would give the audience looking for Warm Spirit products a proper guide for choose replacement products in the Soul Purpose line.  Remember, both Warm Spirit and Soul Purpose were founded by the same Nadine Thompson.  She posted an explanation of sorts as to why she is no longer associated with Warm Spirit in her blog.  After some initial quirkiness in the Soul Purpose product line, I do believe that what is now available is of the best quality some even better quality than Warm Spirit.

Warm Spirit Scent Replacement Suggestions

If you LIKE
Warm Spirit's...
You'll LOVE
Soul Purpose's...
Passion Nectar
Passion Pomegranate

Warm Spirit Product Replacement Suggestions

If you LIKE...
You'll LOVE...
Restore Juice Elixer by Warm Spirit
Body Lotion by Warm Spirit
Body Souffle by Warm Spirit
3 in 1 Body Wash, Body Bubbles & Shampoo by Warm Spirit
100% Soy Candle in Glass Votive by Warm Spirit
Cooling Foot Spray by Warm Spirit
Foot Soak by Warm Spirit
Therepeutic Foot Lotion by Warm Spirit
Foot Polish by Warm Spirit
Body Butter by Warm Spirit
Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub, or Polish by Warm Spirit
Body Mists by Warm Spirit
Special Attention Cream by Warm Spirit
Anahita's Hair Butter by Warm Spirit
Kindness Rejuvenating Cream by Warm Spirit
Kindness Gentle Facial Cleanser by Warm Spirit
Kindness Soothing Herbal Toner by Warm Spirit
Herbal Lip Balm by Warm Spirit
Deep Conditioning Shampoo by Warm Spirit
Ultra Nourishing Conditioner by Warm Spirit

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